Up The Black Peak!

Up The Black Peak!

How about a long day, hiking towards the most mystical and lofty peak in the Levant?

On Sunday, June 23rd, Moon Monkey is going up the black peak!


/The Peak

The black peak (Qornet el Sawda) rising at 3088m above sea level, is Moon Monkey’s next destination, on Sunday, June 23rd!

It is located nine kilometers northeast of The Cedars 

It is part of a mountain chain that starts from the Taurus range in South Turkey, follows the Syrian coast line and then rises into a line of heights crowned with eternal snows, reaching Jebel es-Sheikh, Mount Hermon, before sloping down to the Negev Desert in Southern Palestine.


/The Hike

The hike starts from the Cedars ski resort lifts. From there, we follow the path of the chair lift for about two hours until we reach the small hut at Fam al-Mizab (2800 m). From this hut,  we go one hour north along the plateau to reach the actual top - another 300-meter ascent - climb for about one more hour.

Duration      8 hours approximately

Distance      19.2 km

Cumulative Ascent   1370m

Cumulative Descent   1370m

Maximum Elevation 3088m

Minimum Elevation  2100m

Level   Difficult


/ Let’s meet and ride!

Meeting point: Bee Market Supermarket | Jbeil (Old Bou Khalil Market) next to Wooden Bakery.

Meeting time: 6:00 AM 

We go together by bus. The bus departs at 6:15 AM, get to the location on time!


/ Gear up with

• Hiking shoes

• Hiking pants.

• Hiking poles.

• Fleece, jacket, etc…

• Windbreaker

• Beanie / Hat

• 3 L of water

• Sunscreen protection

• Garbage bags

• Snacks (dried fruits, dark chocolate, energy bars, Taqa Bar, Tuna can, etc…)

• Insurance card.

• ID or passport.

Friendly dogs are always allowed!

//Fees – Please bring the right amount of change.

L.L 50 000


Including / Mountain guides / First aid assistance / Transportation

Excluding / Insurance//

//Booking is essential!

Book your spot by clicking on the following reservation button, and filling the registration form.

Please inform us in case of cancellation at least two days prior to the event. Last minute cancellation is not really appreciated.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to call Lama/ 70 39 89 56, or Edwin / 71 61 21 18


See Y'all!