The Road to Everest 19'

The Road to Everest 19'

Some people prefer to go there by feet, others prefer flying! But what’s sure is that they all share the will, passion, and love of adventure.

Do you have a sense of adventure? Are you willing to challenge yourself, to push your limits, and to discover what you and your body are capable of? Do you believe that time is nothing but heartbeats over distance?

Do you fear commitment? Now is the time to commit at least to yourself, then you’ll get to only decide whether you want to go higher or not.

It all starts here.

“Heaven is a myth, Nepal is real”

Nepal is a beautiful place and is abundant to charm and inspire its visitors with its natural beauty and its culture. Inspiration may be in several forms and magnitudes. There is nothing that is unachievable there, but there is a need to be disciplined to reach the Everest Basecamp at 5340 m

The changes in climate reveal the truth of life that nothing is steady and anything can take place anytime.


Are you up to that challenge?

It’s always easier than you think it is.


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