The Frost Moon

The Frost Moon

The Frost Moon

November’s full moon hike




Winter is starting just this week.

Moon Monkey is celebrating this event, this Saturday, November 24th, in the cold Laqlouq mountains under November’s full moon light.

The Frost Moon, or the Beaver Moon, is named by the Native Americans, who track time following the moon cycle.

While the frost starts invading the mountains, beavers run and search for shelters. And us Monkeys, hike the borderline of Ehmej and Laqlouq, called “Jreid el Laqlouq”


//About the Hike

The hike starts by a lake nearby. Lights will guide us to the other side of the mountains where we can see Aqoura. After that, we will reach the peak at 1900 m above sea level. Dangling from one hill to another, we finally go down through looping back towards the start point.



Distance     6.5 km

Duration    3.5 hrs

Level           Moderate

Conditions Low Temperature - Wind

Minimum Elevation  1700m

Maximum Elevation 1900m

Total Ascent 300 m

Total Descent 270 m





/ Let’s meet and ride!

We will meet up at Bou Khalil– Jbeil, at 6:00 p.m. SHARP.

We go together by cars. We can share each other’s cars, so carpooling is an option.





//Gear up with


• Rain-cover and  Gortex shell. There is always a chance for rain in the mountains!

•Windproof jacket

•Fleece (polaire)

•Base layer

• 1.5L of water 
• Beanie

•Winter Gloves





•Hiking Poles

•Hiking Shoes
• Garbage bags
•First Aid kit
• Snacks// Dried fruits, bananas, dark chocolate, @Taqabar, nut seeds like cashews and almonds.


•Insurance Card.

• ID Card or passport.


Oh, and most of all, bring on some adventure vibes yall’!



//Fees – Please bring the right amount of change.



Including // Mountain guides / First aid assistance


Excluding // Insurance//

//Booking is essential!


Book your spot by filling the reservation form, after clicking on the button below! 

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to call Lama/ 70 39 89 56, or Edwin / 71 61 21 18


See You!







We are not responsible for any damage or injury that may take place during this event.