Perseids / The Meteor Shower Camp

Perseids / The Meteor Shower Camp

We stare at the night skies to see it, and if it ever passes by, we’re suddenly fully overjoyed.

We name it, we imagine shapes and tell stories about it, and we are even made out of its dust!

So we’ve been waiting for this event all year long and it’s finally going to happen on Monday the 12th: The Perseids Meteor Shower.

The Perseids are reknowned for producing many intense fireballs, making the meteor shower an event worth looking out for!


  • What are the Perseids?


Every August, the Earth encounters the debris field left behind in comet Swift-Tutle’s orbit of the sun, and the cosmos celebrate the most active meteor shower of the year which we call the Perseids.

When the shower peaks, NASA expects up to up 60 meteors an hour to streak across the night skies.


So, we, Moon Monkey, wouldn’t let any falling star pass by without us whooping at it.

Therefore, we will gather up on Monday the 12th , for star gazing, chilling around the campfire,music and sleeping “à la belle étoile”, at Tannourine el Faouqa, Ras Bnaya.




/The Camp


We’ll be setting our tents in Tannourine el Faouqa, Monday at noon, climbing a bit by Chir el Ribazi, and setting our slacks with Slackline Lebanon. So you can whether meet us at the starting point in Jbeil at 11, or join us later on at the campsite. The location will be sent to you upon request.

Climbers! If you have your gear on, join us for a meteor climb.


Tannourine el Faouqa (1400m-1700m), is the highest part of Tannourine. It’s 85 km away from Beirut, 32 km away from Batroun (42 min). This means that the skies up there are light pollution free, which offers us a better view.

/The Climb ????
We're climbing the next day, Tuesday 13th by Chir el Ribezi near our camping spot.
Places for climbing are limited to only 10 people. So make sure you book your spot earlier.
/ Let’s meet and ride!
Meeting point: Bee Market Supermarket | Jbeil (Old Bou Khalil Market) next to Wooden Bakery.
Meeting time: 11:00 AM SHARP
We go together by cars. We can share each other’s cars, so carpooling is an option.


/ Gear up with

• Headlamp / chandelier
• Camping gear (Which you can always reserve from The Outdoor Guru ahead of time, contact Laura on #70-877970 )
• Hiking shoes, hiking pants, hiking poles.
• Fleece, jacket, etc…
• Beanie.
• Water.
• Garbage bags
• Snacks and camping munchies (dried fruits, dark chocolate, etc…)
•Insurance card.
•ID or passport.

Friendly furry dogs are always allowed!


//Fees – Please bring the right amount of change.????
L.B.P 15 000 - Camp and Slackline / Aug 12

L.B.P 40 000 - Climbing / Aug 13

Climbers who bring their own gear and operators are always welcome to join us by the crag!

Excluding // Insurance//

//Booking is mandatory!

Book your spot by filling the registration form by telling us your name, your friends’ names, email, and phone number.

Last minute cancellation is not really appreciated.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to call Lama/ 70 39 89 56, or Edwin / 71 61 21 18//

See you!