I am Nature

I am Nature

To look upon an untouched landscape is to see a perfect reflection of oneself. Poetry, then, becomes nature’s way of speaking through you.


On Saturday 24th February, we’ll be heading to Kfour for a poetry workshop in the wild. As we make our way across “Le Sentier des Sources” - a hiking trail in Kesrouane man nature trail - you will be offered guided writing exercises, editing techniques and feedback on performing your poetry.


This trail was inaugurated in 2015 under the supervision of *Les Jeunes des Yvelines, le Département* and the *Federation of Municipalities* in Ftouh-Kesrouan, Kfour, Keserwan right in the valley.


It is named after the five water sources that occupy Kfour’s valley: Breich’s source, Mikhael’s source, El Krum’s source, Al Sefsafi’s source and Henbles source. These five sources feed rich flora such as pines, oaks, cedars, olive trees and fruit trees. The rivers, born in rocks and gushing generously in all clarity, participate in the ambient freshness of the trail.


Distance: 4.5km

Duration: 4 to 5 hrs (including hiking and writing pauses)

Level: Easy to Moderate



Don’t forget to bring your notebook and pens. Be sure to arrive with eyes wide open, ready to see.

Gear up with hiking shoes, hiking pants, hiking poles, beanie, 2L of water and snacks such as dried fruits, dark chocolate, etc…


Fee: $20


How to get there?


Meeting point: Paul | Ghazir

at 8:00 AM SHARP

We go together by cars. We can share each other’s cars, so carpooling is an option.



About the facilitators:


Lisa Luxx is a British Syrian writer, performer, philosopher and activist. Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, VICE, TEDx, BBC Radio Leeds and heralded as one of the UK’s top four queer poets by Diva magazine.


Her work has been published by i-D, Tate Britain, New River Press, The Daily Telegraph, The International Times, Tribe de Mama (US), The Numinous (US), The Sunday Times and Sage Press (India).

Shortlisted for Peace Poetry Prize and Saboteur Awards Best Spoken Word Performer. She’s a regular feature at major literary and arts events across the UK.


“Her poems are sensitive and revolutionary – always kind, always fierce.” – Dazed and Confused magazine


Moon Monkey is an outdoors sports team led by Lama Sawma and Edwin Bainou.

A team of multiple backgrounds; from architecture and design, to film making and photography; all gathered around one common love for nature, sports, and exploration through yearly expeditions.

Moon Monkey’s goal is to share the experience of living with nature, by organising various outdoor events, such as hiking, trekking, mountaineering camping, cliff camping, and climbing.







Booking is essential. You just have to click that button at the end!

If you have any queries about the writing exercises, don’t hesitate to e-mail [email protected]

Deadline for registration: February 22nd