Hikers! It's Pink Moon!

Hikers! It's Pink Moon!

Ever hiked under the moonlight? In the pitch-black dark of night, with only the moon to light your way?

From a mountain route, the sky never looks more brilliant. We are miles and miles away from civilization! The stars are brighter, the moon is bigger!
Our senses become heightened — our eyes are forced to adjust to the lower light, and our ears search out sounds in the silence.


About the Hike

The hike is a loop. It starts from around BioLand Farm at 1650m above sea level, up to Jabal Chakher reaching Tallet Aain Chakher which rises at 1950 m above sea level offering us a multitude of views over Lassa, Qartaba, Amez from one side, and Chabrouh, Faraya, Oyoun el Simen from the other one. Then, we stroll around Jabal el Hadid until we hike down the mountain, catching the LMT trail leading us back again to our starting point.

Distance 10.2 km
Duration 5hrs
Level Moderate
Minimum Elevation 1550m
Maximum Elevation 1950m

How to get there?

Meeting point: Moulin D’or | Zouk Mosbeh
at 19:00 / 7:00pm SHARP.
we can share each other’s cars, so carpooling is an option.

What to bring?

• Hiking shoes, hiking pants, hiking poles, hat.
• Headlamps
• Fleece, jacket, etc…
• 1L of water
• Garbage bags
• Snacks (dried fruits, dark chocolate, energy bars, Tuna can etc…)

| Fees

30 000 LL – Please bring the right amount of change.

Including| Mountain Guides – @fron.snow Photography - First aid assistance.

The price does not include insurance.


| Booking is essential!

Book your spot by visiting our event link: https://moonmonkey.world/events/its-green-outside
Deadline: Friday, April 27th.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to call Lama| 70 398956 or, Edwin| 71 612118

See Y'all!