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Moon Monkey

 Moon Monkey is an outdoors sports team led by Lama Sawma and Edwin El Bainou.

A versatile team of multiple backgrounds; from architecture and design to filmmaking and photography; all gathered around one common love for nature, sports, and exploration.

Nature is very mysterious, always beautifully surprising. Its vagueness creates a constant thrill for discovery. All this wildness, grit and beauty, are perfectly mixed to offer a simpler way of life. This lifestyle has left the team wanting to share their own experiences and perspective of nature with everyone.

Outdoors Sports


List of activities provided by Moon Monkey


    Go extreme and challenge gravity! Participate in our public climbing events across Lebanon. Test yourself, push your limits, and take a look from the top. You can also book your private…


    The Sky Bench is the first Portaledge activity in Lebanon and the Middle East. Spend an afternoon or sleep over at the top of Lebanese cliffs. Experience the unique thrill of…


    Hiking is Moon Monkey's ritual. Hiking in Lebanon is a four seasons activity. Guided hikes are organised weekly, through multiple trails that vary in difficulty and style. Walk in nature,…


    Take on nature's challenge of endurance. Come trekking with us for a day or more in Lebanon, or follow us through our yearly treks abroad. Trekking in Lebanon is common.…


    It's always a good time for camping in Lebanon! Whether it's snowy or sunny, just set your tent, and join us on our camping events. Back to the simple life! Book your…


    Hiking in Lebanon takes another dimension at night. Monkeys follow the moonlight no matter the destination, always up to the summit! Join us for our monthly full moon events, and…